IDP Systems -  ATM Management System
Batch Transfer

This simple management solution authorizes ATM transactions
based on customer account balances  transmitted to the network
immediately following your daily update.

transactions are logged at the network as they occur.  The
complete log is then transmitted to your computer, just prior to your
daily update.

Because records are fed to and from the network in batches, this
system is called the Batch Transfer Method.

Though the Batch Transfer Method is not online, other
management controls can be implemented to discourage
unauthorized or excessive ATM usage by a customer.

Online Link

With our online management system, Online Link, your network is
connected online with your computer so that your ATMs can
authorize transactions based on up-to-the-minute account
balances, 24 hours a day.  This system provides a very high level of
flexibility in defining customer services and security.